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Do You Need Alzheimer’s In-Home Care for Your Parent?

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When your parent begins to develop symptoms of Alzheimer’s, it can be both frightening and overwhelming. You love them and want the very best for them, but many times there aren’t friends and family who can lend a hand. Even if you employ caregivers; they may need a break from time to time. Here are some ways to decide if your parent with Alzheimer’s needs in-home care.

Your Parent’s Current Condition

Alzheimer’s disease is progressive, and the early stages of the disease don’t impact the patient’s quality of life as much as later stages. Regardless of age, early stage Alzheimer’s patients may experience mild chanDo You Need Alzheimer's In-Home Care for Your Parent?ges in their ability to learn or think clearly, but can still participate in daily activities and carry on regular dialogue. This stage can last for years, and many times long-term in-home care is not necessary at this point.

However, as Alzheimer’s progresses, your parent may start jumbling words, getting angry, and acting in unexpected ways. This may an indication that you need part-time in-home care. In late stage Alzheimer’s, your parent will likely have trouble eating, swallowing, and communicating, and will likely need full-time help with personal care.

Get a Trusted Doctor’s Advice

A trusted medical professional can also help you decide when your parent with Alzheimer’s needs in-home care. A doctor can help you decide if a parent’s behavior is becoming dangerous to their safety, and help you decide if non-medical in-home care would be helpful.

A doctor you trust can also help you understand how the strain of caring for your parent is affecting you. Alzheimer’s in-home care can be extremely helpful in allowing you the chance to take a break or remove the responsibility from your shoulders all-together.

The Timing of In-Home Care

There are many considerations in when you begin in-home care. Because changes and new people can be very difficult for people with Alzheimer’s disease to accept, it may be best to introduce a caregiver in the middle stage of the illness, before things become too advanced.

Introducing a caregiver for late-stage Alzheimer’s patients may be the time it’s most necessary, but it can also be very disruptive for your parent. It’s important to introduce the caregiver carefully – and repeatedly – and monitor your parent’s reactions.

Alzheimer’s In-home Care

When the time comes to select a caregiver for your parent with Alzheimer’s, it’s important to choose someone with experience caring for people with the disease. Certain caregiving agencies, including Team Select Home Care, have excellent caregivers who are well-trained in dealing with Alzheimer’s patients.

Choosing a caregiver who is experienced with Alzheimer’s will help you rest assured that even in their worst moments, your parent will be well cared for. A properly trained in-home caregiver will know how to handle emergencies, deal with emotional outbursts and handle the day-to-day needs of your parent.

For more information or to find Alzheimer’s in-home care for your parent, contact Team Select Home Care today. You can call one of our local offices and we’ll help you find the perfect caregiver for your parent with Alzheimer’s.