Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

The winter season is upon us, and that brings holidays, cookies, presents… and sick germs (the present that no one wants). Getting sick during the holidays is the last thing anyone wants, and thankfully, there are easy ways to prevent getting sick:


  1. Wash your hands: Washing your hands regularly is the easiest way to keep germs away. Make sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap before eating, after using the restroom, or if you think you or those around you are getting sick.
  2. Get exercise and eat right: Exercising boosts your immune system, preventing you from becoming sick, or if you’re already sick, speeds up recovery. Making healthier food choices keeps your immune system strong.
  3. Get enough sleep: Sleep is naturally healing as it helps our bodies rebuild and restore. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re not giving your body a fair chance at fighting off and preventing infections.
  4. Moisturize: This isn’t so much health related, but comfort related. The cold, dry weather is harsh on skin, and although may not effect your immune system, it can become uncomfortable. By using moisturizers and humidifiers, you’re helping your skin from becoming cracked and dry, and you’re helping your nasal passages breathe easy.


In the winter, cold weather and snow are inevitable, but sickness and discomfort don’t have to be.


Have a safe, fun and healthy New Years!