The Family Licensed Health Aide (FHLA) Program (nationally known as the Family CNA Program) provides family members with the opportunity to become trained, certified caregivers (CNA’s) for their loved ones at no cost to them or the state. It is available for qualifying families in states where the program has been implemented.

Help Bring This Program to Arizona

The clarifying legislation was signed by the Arizona Governor on March 23, 2021. The Arizona Board of Nursing has created and approved the new title of License Health Aide for the Program. Arizona families are now waiting on the Arizona Governor’s Office to approve the ‘Formal Rules’ for the FLHA Program. Once the ‘Formal Rules’ go through the Arizona Governor’s office, it will also need to go through the Arizona State Medicaid for final approval before it will be available to Arizona families in need. With your help, this program can provide medically fragile families with improved access to care and continuous home nursing for their loved ones while solving the nursing shortage.

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 FHLA Program (Family CNA) Solutions:

The program provides the following solutions to the challenges that are nationally experienced.

• Increased Access to Care

Allowing family members to be trained, certified caregivers for their loved ones helps to solve for the staffing crisis happening nationally.

• Improved Quality of Care
Through providing the highest quality of support through on-going continuity of care, the program combats the challenges of inconsistent care, increased re-hospitalizations, and cost savings.

• Job Creation and Cost Savings

At no cost to the state or family members, Team Select will fund the training and certification of all families taking advantage of the program. Providing an alternative option for care allows the state to reduce costly, long-term hospital stays.