Benefits of Mobile Physical Therapy for Seniors

Mobile Physical Therapy Comfort

Senior citizens’ doctors frequently order them to undergo physical therapy after a surgery, injury, or physically traumatic illness. This is because physical therapy is quite beneficial for seniors who need to regain lost mobility, coordination, and strength. But of the entire populace, senior citizens are far and away the least mobile age group. When the in-home health care market perceived that problem, mobile physical therapy was developed as a solution. Today, a number of providers are willing and able to bring the equipment and expertise of the hospital or clinic physical therapy department to your living room. Mobile Physical Therapy Comfort

So how does mobile physical therapy benefit seniors in particular? Here are five of the most important ways:

– As mentioned, seniors have a particularly hard time getting around, and that problem is often compounded by whatever condition requires physical therapy in the first place. Rather than burden the family with frequent trips to take the patient to the hospital (or worse, burden the senior with planning and executing a complex and prolonged bus trip), mobile physical therapy is easier on everyone by saving the time and hassle of traveling to the clinic.

– In-home physical therapy is comfortable. When life gets complex, as with the sudden addition of a long-term health issue that requires regular therapy, minimizing the invasion onto the established routine of the senior goes a long way toward minimizing the upset in general. Disruptions in routine can slow the healing process, so keeping them to a minimum should be an important goal.

– Having the physical therapist go to the home of the senior means minimizing the amount of effort the patient has to put forth during the therapy session, which minimizes the chance that the senior will hurt himself or herself along the way. Re-injury is one of the most common reasons that physical therapy is extended beyond initial expectations, so keeping your aging loved one safe keeps your timeline (and budget) in line as well.

– There is no missing a mobile physical therapy appointment, because the therapist comes to you on schedule (unless you specifically tell them not to). It is widely believed that missing a single session of physical therapy sets you back an average of 1.5 sessions in terms of healing, so keeping the therapy regular and on-schedule is crucial to healing as efficiently and effectively as possible.

– Finally, and this is a big one, having a physical therapist come into a home (senior or not, but this applies especially to seniors) allows them to see the environment that the senior lives in…and suggest changes. Physical therapists are acutely aware of how specific injuries and conditions can incapacitate and debilitate. When they come to your home, they can offer specific, on-point suggestions that will make daily life as easy as possible on their patients.

By keeping a senior citizen with a significant injury or illness in their own home, and allowing a mobile physical therapy agency to bring the therapy to them, you put your aging loved one in the best possible position to recover successfully. The advantages including healing faster, healing more consistently, and keeping spirits higher are priceless.