Compliance Hotline

The objective of the Team Select Home Care hotline is to provide a way for employees and patients to report suspected non-compliance in a way that ensures confidentiality and non-retaliation.

The toll-free number is 877-856-9107

The Compliance hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The reports are taken by a third party vendor. Reports may be filed anonymously. However, giving your name can often help us look into your compliance matter more fully.

Under normal circumstances, compliance matters should be addressed through administrative channels unless you suspect your supervisor of non-compliance.

Please do not use the Compliance Hotline to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property, or to schedule patient care.

Our Mission:

Team Select’s mission is to take every opportunity to do right by all.  To provide high-quality home care that delivers measurable, enhanced outcomes for our patients, families and physicians; while fostering a dynamic culture our employees are proud of.  We are the practical innovators in home care, driving sustainable solutions for long term success.

Our Vision:

Team Select Home Care is committed to being the home care agency of choice in the communities we serve.

Our Patient Philosophy:

Value Statement:

The success of Team Select Home Care is directly tied to our culture! Work should be challenging and rewarding, but must be fun for our team to provide the level of commitment necessary for our mutual success.

The following values are the core tenets of our culture:

• We always remember that world class patient care is the basic building block of our success

• Team Select Home Care is a family of loving, kind, supportive members

• We start with “great” and strive for ways to improve from there

• We push accountability toward “choosing” optimism and positivity on a continual daily basis

• We have the strength to develop and, when necessary, separate team members who aren’t a cultural fit, or who jeopardize our success or the safety of our patients

• We foster a collaborative environment, always nurturing a “yes” attitude

• We create opportunities and profits through constant growth and change, and by always providing world class care

• We have the strength to challenge each other in constructive ways

• Without putting our employees first, there can be no quality patient care. Energetic, optimistic people from all walks of life, coming together to create value in each other’s lives, both personally and professionally, defines Team Select Home Care! Our atmosphere may be casual, but our commitment to our employees, our patients and our mutual success is unwavering.

*We accept patients for care regardless of age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, physical or mental handicap, political beliefs, diagnosis/infectious disease, ability to pay, or any other category protected by law, or decisions regarding advance directives.