The Family CNA Program offers an alternative, cost-effective care model that drives better outcomes and single-handedly provides a solution to the challenges experienced by families with medically fragile loved ones.

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The Family CNA Program may vary in name depending on the geographic location to abide by state rules and regulations.

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Family CNA Program Solutions:

The program provides the following solutions to the challenges that are nationally experienced.

• Increased Access to Care

Allowing family members to be trained, certified caregivers for their loved ones helps to solve for the staffing crisis happening nationally.

• Improved Quality of Care
Through providing the highest quality of support through on-going continuity of care, the program combats the challenges of inconsistent care, increased re-hospitalizations, and cost savings.

• Job Creation and Cost Savings

At no cost to the state or family members, Team Select will fund the training and certification of all families taking advantage of the program. Providing an alternative option for care allows the state to reduce costly, long-term hospital stays.

Team Select is committed to providing a unique approach to home health by facilitating a continuous coordination of care. Fusing cutting edge technology with our skilled clinical team, allows us to improve the lives of our valued patients in a cohesive method that provides cost savings.


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