Join Team Select for World Health Day 2021

For over 70 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been raising global awareness to various health themes on the 7th of April each year; World Health Day. According to WHO, “The Day serves as a launch for a long-term advocacy program for which activities will be undertaken and resources provided well beyond 7 April.”

This year – WHO invites us all to build a fairer, healthier world. The 2021 theme was chosen after seeing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. “As COVID-19 has highlighted, some people are able to live healthier lives and have better access to health services than others – entirely due to the conditions in which they are born, grow, live, work and age.” – WHO

Like WHO, Team Select Home Care is committed to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can realize the right to good health. Through our various service lines and Family CNA Program, Team Select is helping to further this year’s World Health Day campaign.

Offering services from Long-Term Pediatric Home Care to Mobile Therapy, Team Select prides itself on patient-centered support and changing the professional home care environment to create a full continuum of care.



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Team Select’s Family CNA Program, currently in Colorado and Arizona, helps solve the challenges faced by families with medically fragile loved ones. This program promotes job creation, helps improve the quality of care, and gives family members an opportunity to become trained, certified caregivers (CNA’s) for their loved ones at no cost to the family or state.

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Join us in posting a picture of how you are participating in today’s World Health Day to help tackle inequalities using #worldhealthday. Follow along with us on social media at #TeamSelect or #TeamSelectFamily.