How Long-Term Pediatric Care Helps Children with Medical Issues

By October 4, 2017Pediatric Care
Long Term Pediatric Care

The way pediatric care is delivered is rapidly changing. With new technologies and an increasingly mobile society, long-term pediatric care has emerged as a popular solution for families with medically challenged children. Receiving care at home is an attractive option for families because it offers several benefits they would have a hard time receiving from a medical facility.

Long-term pediatric care is suitable for a wide range of children with medical issues. Some of the most common include:

  • Children born prematurely
  • Children who rely on feeding tubes
  • Children with gastrointestinal issues
  • Children with respiratory conditions
  • Children with developmental issues
  • Children with musculoskeletal issues
  • Children with neurological disorders
  • Children with skin conditions

There are several reasons a growing number of families are choosing long term care for their children such as:

Convenience: Caring for a medically fragile child can be very time-consuming. Children need to be monitored regularly to ensure that they are taking the right medications, food, etc., and that they are not getting into any trouble. In addition, whenever they have a medical appointment, you need to get them up, dressed, bathed, and ready to go. Then you spend at least a few hours driving them to appointments, waiting for a health professional to see them, and bringing them home. With long term pediatric care, the health professional comes to you. This eliminates all the travel time and frees up more of your time during the week.

Scheduling Flexibility: Every parent knows how difficult it is to schedule medical appointments. There are typically a limited number of openings available at a facility, and you need to try to work those visits around your busy schedule. Long-term care eliminates many of the scheduling headaches. Usually, the home health care agency can schedule appointments at times that work best for you, so you can better plan your weekly schedule.

Affordability: Health care is expensive. But with most long-term agencies, a customized care plan can be created to address the specific needs of your child. This means you pay for only the services your child needs. Another area where you save money is on transportation costs. Because there is no need to travel back and forth to a medical facility, you save on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and related expenses.

Perhaps the most important reason long term pediatric care is so popular is that it tends to be a healthier option for the child. For medically fragile children, it is important to receive care in a safe environment, and many of these children do not react favorably to going to a medical facility.

Receiving care at home allows the child to stay in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, surrounded by parents and other loved ones. In addition, the health professional is able to focus 100% of their attention on your child, rather than having to move back and forth between several children at a facility. This singular focus provides the highly personalized care your child needs and deserves.