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Mobile Physical Therapy for Sciatica

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The sciatic nerve is a major nerve that travels the length of the body, from the lower back down the back of the leg and all the way to the foot. When pressure is applied to the nerve, it creates a condition called sciatica. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and in some cases, sharp pain in one (or more) of the affected areas. This can make it painful to walk and nearly impossible to run or do any other kind of physical activity. Physical therapy is often recommended as a treatment for sciatica, and it can be administered either at a clinic, or through mobile physical therapy. /Users/Saint/Storage/Downloads/Mobile Physical Therapy Benefits and Aide

Physical Therapy Options for Sciatica

There are three main types of physical therapy used for the treatment of sciatica:

Aerobics: The therapist may recommend various types of aerobic exercise, depending on the tolerance level of the patient. Typically, this will be limited to low-impact activities, such as walking and swimming.

Strength Exercises: One of the goals in treating sciatica is to restore proper back alignment and reduce the chances of suffering injury during rehabilitation. To accomplish this, certain strength exercises are often recommended, targeting the lumbar region, gluts and thighs.

Stretches: Various types of stretches are used to relax the muscles that are putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. It is important to perform these stretches consistently and in sequence (as directed by the therapist). Typically, new stretches are added with each session as the recovery progresses, so it is important to keep your appointments to maintain/enhance the recovery process.

The Advantages of Mobile Physical Therapy

For sciatica patients, it can often be painful to get into the car and drive to appointments at the clinic. It can also be difficult to find a ride every time you need to go in for therapy. This is one of the reasons a growing number of those suffering from sciatica are opting for mobile physical therapy. With this option, the therapist comes to your home or office, eliminating the need for you to drive into the clinic.

There are several other benefits to having your physical therapy for sciatica performed at home or at your place of business, these include:

Scheduling Convenience: When you receive physical therapy at a clinic, you must choose an appointment based on the available times. These times may not be the most convenient for you, but you must plan around them as best you can. With mobile therapy, appointments are scheduled at times that work best for the patient.

Personalized Treatment: At a clinic, the therapist is typically hopping from one room to another, handling several patients a same time. When you receive mobile physical therapy, you are one-on-one with the therapist. They are able to devote full attention to your treatment, and because they are able to enter your home or office, they can suggest enhancements to reduce potential hazards and make your treatment even more effective.

Fewer Missed Appointments: As mentioned earlier, physical therapy for sciatica typically involves sessions building on each other. This means missing appointments can set the whole program back significantly. Mobile physical therapy from a home care agency addresses this issue by eliminating the most common reasons for missed appointments. This means patients keep a far higher percentage of their appointments, putting them in the best possible position to enjoy a successful recovery.