National Safety Month

By June 17, 2019In-Home Care

June is National Safety Month, and we’re taking the opportunity to acknowledge our talented Occupational Therapists that help keep our patients safe.

Occupational Therapists are instrumental to the health and homecare society and industry.

Occupational Therapists are some of the only professionals that continue to help individuals throughout their entire lifespan to achieve their goals. By practicing their services, Occupational Therapists are preventing injury, illness, and disabilities.

Occupational therapy includes many practices, such as:

  • Helping with disabilities
  • Injury recovery
  • Regaining skills that were lost or weakened
  • Providing support for individuals
  • Supporting physical and cognitive changes

Typically, Occupational Therapy involves getting an individualized evaluation done to determine a clear idea of the overall goal, and any obstacles the patient is trying to adapt to or overcome. From there, a plan is made to implement the changes that the patient needs to be successful and overcome those obstacles. Finally, an outcomes evaluation occurs to be sure that the goals are met. This ensures the best possible outcome for the patient.

Many times, Occupational Therapists have a holistic approach. This means they believe in learning to adapt and change to the environment to live a successful and meaningful life.

Occupational Therapy is not the same as physical therapy. Occupational therapists are not only trained in physical therapy and helping those regain function due to disabilities and injury recovery, but are also trained in mental and emotional problems. This means that they are able to help those with stresses of everyday life, as well as, emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety.

Occupational therapy is a challenging and rewarding job. By combining creative elements and problem solving, they are able to make practical, positive life changes that make their patients’ lives easier.


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