Respiratory Care

By October 31, 2019Food for thought
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Respiratory care is important for all of us, no matter what your age is. There are some easy steps that you can take everyday to ensure that you and those you love to have the healthiest lungs possible.

  • Refrain from smoking or quit smoking: Everyone knows that smoking isn’t good for your health. By refraining from smoking, you are ensuring that your lungs stay as healthy as possible. If you live with someone that smokes, ask them to smoke outside to avoid second-hand smoke. This is also important if you have pets, as you should keep them away from smoke. If you do smoke and are trying to quit, visit for resources and to start taking the steps to quit.
  • Exercise: Keep your lungs healthy by exercising! Just like your body needs to exercise, your lungs need the same care. By doing so, your lungs stay in shape and can help you resist aging and disease.
  • Avoid exposure to pollution: Although this is easier said than done, there are simple things you can do: avoid secondhand smoke, try not to exercise in traffic where you could inhale exhaust, and if you work around pollutants like dust or outside in a heavily-polluted area, wear a mask to reduce the amount of dust you breathe in.
  • Prevent infections: Keep your hands clean, stay up to date with check-ups, and eat a healthy diet. Individuals with COPD are more at risk to infections such as pneumonia.
  • See a doctor for a checkup: If you feel like something is off, or if you have concerns about your lungs, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor. It’s always better to catch an infection early so you can receive the best treatment possible.

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